RAGtime 24

This year RAGtime will once again be held in person in Opava!

The 24nd RAGtime workshop will be held in a hybrid form in Opava (10-14 October 2022). 

The registration is limited to 70 on site participants, the registration in moderated. Please wait with your travel plans until you receive the registration confirmation. Registartion connected to submitted abstract will have priority.

The conference is free of charge. 

The RAGtime workshops

The series of the annual RAGtime workshops has been held at the Institute by the Relativistic Astrophysics Group (RAG) since 1999. Its scientific scope is devoted to current problems of relativistic astrophysics mainly focused on the physics of black holes and neutron stars. The workshop is attended by multiple experts in the field and allows for many valuable discussions and interactions between the participants.

The scientific focus of the workshop will traditionally be devoted mainly to problems of relativistic physics of black holes and neutron or quark stars. Large attention will be given to confronting theoretical models with up-to-date observations available through both electromagnetic and gravitational wave window to the Universe.

Special attention will be devoted to the modelling of astrophysical effects in the combined strong gravity and relevant external magnetic fields. Current issues in accretion theory will be explored. We will furthermore attempt to address problems related to cosmology, mathematical aspects of the theory of relativity, and alternative theories of gravity.

In addition, new methods of generating complex general relativistic solutions containing a black hole will be exposed. We will also focus on the national and international collaboration regarding the present and future cosmic X-ray missions.

Proceedings of RAGtime

The Proceedings have been regularly published by the Institute of Physics at the  Silesian University in Opava. The next Proceedings will be published by the end of 2023. You can submit your paper following the instructions here.